Mauro Spina is one of the most sought-after and revered hair care professionals in the industry today. Beyond his long standing celebrated talent as a trend setting stylist, what makes Mauro vastly different from other hair care specialists began with one simple goal: to eliminate the widespread use of toxic hair care products by creating a full holistic line of both hair and scalp treatment products made from purely naturally sourced ingredients.

Mauro was born and raised in the small southern Italian province of Puglia.  After completing his formal education in 1963, Mauro moved to England where he apprenticed for some of the most renowned hair stylists in Europe at that time, including Carita in Paris as well as Vergotini’s in Milan. Upon returning to London, Mauro emerged as a top stylist for Leonard’s of London and Elizabeth Arden.  In 1968, Mauro successfully opened his first salon and soon after opened his first hairdressing academy in 1971. Thereafter, Mauro recruited the most talented graduates from his academy and created a team of stylist which traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States, demonstrating the latest styling, coloring as well as both hair and scalp treatment techniques.  The team, known as “The Mauro Artistic Team” earned numerous prestigious industry awards while competing in international hair shows.

At the very height of his involvement in international competitions, Mauro started to realize the full extent of how damaging the then prevailing conventional chemical hair treatments where to both hair as well as the scalp which lends nourishment to healthy hair.  It was at this point in his career that Mauro decided to return to his native Italy to emerce himself in the study of natural hair care.  There, Mauro spent several years studying the science of trichology as a dermatological approach to a healthy scalp and naturally healthy hair.  After successfully becoming a certified trichologist, Mauro went on to study the sciences supportive of both herbology and aromatherapy as his holistic approach to proper scalp and hair care, treatment and repair came sharply into focus.  A focus which was then shared with and taught throughout his then 6 European hair salons and 3 hairdressing academies.

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In December of 1989, following the extraordinary demand for his all natural and restorative approach to scalp and hair care, Mauro expanded his business to include a salon located here in the United States located in the City of Los Angeles on fashionable Melrose Avenue.  His reputation preceding him, Mauro became immediately popular among a large number of celebrity clients from the news and entertainment industry due to the very nature of their work.  Although everyone is exposed to harsh environmental forces throughout their lives, the care of such celebrities offered Mauro the added opportunity to immediately treat, reverse prior damage caused and properly educate those who are often exposed daily to such harmful factors as harsh set lighting as well as the prior repetitive use of harmful chemical shampoos, hairsprays, mousses and gels.

So what now makes Mauro vastly different from other hair care specialists?  Mauro’s revised goal:  to educate and to share his carefully crafted hand-tailored holistic line of all natural hair and scalp treatment programs to promote proper health and to help eliminate the widespread use of toxic hair care products which harm the body as well as the earth on which we live.

“Healthy scalp means healthy hair.”  

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