Client Testimonials

"the above photos are of two different Kerries I recently groomed. Completely matted, I used Mauro Leave in conditioner on both. It is my secret weapon! I love it...Thanks for a great product."

Professional Groomer - Katie

"I can't begin to tell you how many of my customers have remarked on how much nicer their dogs feel & smell since I've switched to your products.
I get text messages at 10 at night & asking me what I've use on their dogs & can they buy it.
Your products give me a sense of pride when I'm selling my services."

-Angela (Professional Groomer)

10408978_10152349470775852_6853349098159699268_nI have a 9 yr old male min pin who has suffered from really bad skin allergies. Dry, peeling, infected pustules on his belly and under his arms. I was in a high end pet supply store/all natural about 2 weeks ago and saw the healing oil. I said what the heck and picked up a bottle. I was extremely skeptical it would work after 9 years of trying many things (food, shampoos, drugs, etc) It has been about 7 days of applying the oil and WOW!!!! His skin is healing!!!! The first 4-5 days no change but about the 6th or 7th day his skin is almost healed!!! I am so happy and will continue to apply every day!!! My mini pin doesn't have to take any more drugs and multiple baths/trips to vet execrating the problem any more!!! Thank you Mauro!! - Katerena Oglesby Clay
Coco_Jan 2016A happy Coco says thank you!
testimonial icon IMG_0529 IMG_0525 My dog Butters has been scratching himself so much that he had raw spots on his body! My sister told me of a shampoo, Essential Elements, that she researched on line. Gave me a sample and after the first shampoo, he was so much better! I bought the shampoo and leave-in conditioner! He is all better!! And my other dog Buffy is too!! Thank you Mauro for developing a product that is safe and works! Here are pics of Butters and Buffy! Jacque
testimonial icon I just want to say that I found out about Mauro Pet Care products from someone on a grooming site. I have a few overgrown doodles that customers like brushed out and we were so frustrated I by how much time it took to bathe and brush these dogs. As much as we loved these customers we were at our wits end. As a last resort I ordered some of Mauro Pet Care conditioner and it has changed our life! We LOVED it so much we tried some of the shampoos and body mist. We are in LOVE with these products…everything we have tried we LOVE! I so recommend Mauro Pet Care Products they work better, smell better then any thing else we have tried. We highly stand by Mauro Pet Care Products. Pam Morrissey Owner of Cutie Pie’s Grooming Redlands CA 92373
testimonial icon Lola after her bath! She's so happy & soft! image2
testimonial icon I was blessed to meet and speak with Mauro himself at this year's SuperZoo. He gave me a bottle of the anti-itch healing solution and the results for my dog were nothing short of spectacular!! I could never determine what was causing her itch, I feed her a home cooked limited ingredient diet, no fleas, put coconut oil in her food, but she constantly had an itch. As soon as I started using this amazing product, no more itch at all! And I LOVE the calming scent. Perfect for pets. Please pass on my gratitude to Mauro for creating this product and sharing it with me. I would also like to purchase some product for our benefit shop that helps support our organization. Please let me know what I need to do to open an account. Thank you so much, Roxane Executive Director Animal Welfare Assistance Group Monterey, California

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Mauro Pet Care is proud to welcome, KOA, the newest member of the extended Mauro Pet Care family and representative of our dear friends at Noa Grooming of Tokyo, Japan. Looking good Koa! Our thanks to Hiroshi for sharing your cute little mug.


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Introducing the newest member of Mauro Pet Care's extended family of rescue puppies.  Big hugs and kisses to Carly and welcome to your new home!